juan-markos-11-15-16_045JUAN MARKOS is uniquely qualified to serve California.  After all, that’s exactly what he’s been doing all of his adult life.

Markos witnessed first-hand family devastation as he painfully watched his parents lose his childhood home in the great recession of 2007.  Today, he privately fumes at the prospect of his 78 year old father, still without proper healthcare in spite of the Obamacare movement. 

 Juan’s background is prologue for his beliefs, as well as his unique understanding of how the world works.  As a classically trained artist, he not only received a K-12 education in fine arts; he also went to trade school, where he was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts in 2005.  From there he worked in management and film development for years, transferring his well learned associative skills into estate and property management.