Juan Markos by Steven Alan Green



JUAN MARKOS is uniquely qualified to serve Los Angeles.  After all, that’s exactly what he’s been doing all of his adult life.

Markos witnessed first-hand family devastation as he painfully watched his parents lose his childhood home in the great recession of 2007.  Today, he privately fumes at the prospect of his 78 year old father, still without proper healthcare in spite of the Obamacare movement. 

 Juan’s background is prologue for his beliefs, as well as his unique understanding of how the world works.  

He decided to run for office amidst the most tumultuous year in political memory.  For him, Brexit/Trump was the ultimate wake-up call.  He literally became weary of people in ivory towers making life decisions which not only adversely affected him, but indeed those in his lateral perspective and down below.  One day, after a long day working as a private chef, Juan’s perspective changed.  He realized that there is an invisible class system in this country and that it was the most divisive thing keeping all of us from working together.  

 Because of his upbringing, his educational background, and work ethic, Juan Markos’s agenda became no less progressive than it is democratic.  Homelessness, housing, climate change, regulation of recreational marijuana…all naturally became his call to action.  Markos sees it all very simply as this:

 “I grew up in relative privilege.  Compared to the homeless and disenfranchised, I was lucky.  I had a good education and my parents spurned me on to always to appreciate what I had, but to also question the way things are.  Most people don’t live in the bubble of media or the bubble of government.  They just want to enjoy their lives without too much unnecessary stress.  That’s what this country was founded upon.  The freedom to be happy.  I know I can help achieve that dream for us all because I’ve lived through almost all the invisible class system levels in America.”

Juan Markos is a modern candidate.  An outsider with no political ties or obligations to the back room.  As both a keen observer and hard-working participant, he is exactly the kind of candidate California needs on its side. 

 – Steven Alan Green 

Photos by Dusti Cunningham 2016